Returning With The Current


Assuming that I have not yet been forgotten by previous readers, I would like to greet you warmly once again, as well as bid further newcomers who have stumbled upon this humble website a sincere & heartfelt welcome. For what appears to be a horrendously long time to refrain from my previous, much appreciated hobby of tapping away at my keyboard as you may remember, of writing what ones heart pleases and displeases; I had long forgotten the pure joy of running this blog and giving readers insight into my personal universe.  In fact, in just over two weeks, I will have reached one, non-surprisingly and stupidly short year upon publishing my last WordPress post – which had marked the closing to my writings and ending to my previous gap year.

Unfortunately, one had stopped writing for a variety of reasons throughout the previous period. I chose to let the ending of my gap year dictate my lack of continuing, for it was what had originally inspired me to begin with. The second it had ended, I felt like my motivation was long gone and forced from then onwards in this particular field. I am not implying that having a year off meant being at my peak level of creativity, but it had proved that spare time allowed myself to explore further my surroundings without the pressure of deadlines. Considering I had just started university, I felt like it was necessary to end that chapter as well as focus on my studies – which suggests that I had no spare time whatsoever when of course in reality, I did have plenty. Sometimes however, I often felt that simply, there was not really much to write about at all.

Previously, I let the non-practicing of my talents cause me anxiety. I often felt like I was a slug or some relative creature – extremely lazy and that my existence on planet earth was completely pointless. However, instead of pressuring myself, I chose to embrace it in return for peace of mind. I chose to allow my writing, or any particular talent in fact, come to me in waves, like those of an ocean. I chose to either peak at the highest tide, being my most exciting periods of inspiration, or instead, embrace the sea at its calmest measure. Rather than forcing a non-existing current, I chose to bask in the glorious, clear waters until the waves feel to crash again. For when they do, I am positive that what is to come is better than it ever was before.

Having strongly missed the support and love I had gained previously for my writings upon this blog, I believe that now is the most perfect time to return. I see a slow rise in the ocean’s tide and I long to make the most of it and to exploit it of the goods it chooses to bring. I am slowly and steadily taking on the current so I do not drown. I hope that both old and new readers gain a pleasant reading experience here and I wish that my return proves to be as glorious and as inspiring as I intend it to be. All in good time.

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