What is Happiness?

What is happiness? A question that one has always pondered upon, happiness is something which we seem to try to reach for on a daily basis and every breathing second in which we live. Happiness is supposedly the opposite of sadness; or the feeling of emptiness and morbidity. It is an emotion in which we have the ability to feel through aspects such as joyous occasions or a general sense of well being. Happiness comes in a variety of shapes and forms; objects and items, loved ones, relationships, perhaps that hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning or a squeeze given when you hold someone’s hand. Happiness is a lot of things, I do not think that happiness and it’s very broad definition can actually be narrowed down to solely one thing or item. For me, I personally believe that happiness is defined by something that is ever so simple. What makes me smile, what makes me smile like a fool or cackle when I laugh so loud that I disturb others around me. I am not going to recite every single affair that seems to make be blossom from inside; purely because a lot of what I have to say is either cat related or something über artsy. But I am going to stress that happiness may not require a lot to be found, but just the right people, the right company and a good heart. Happiness isn’t money; but you need money to have a good time. You also need good friends. It’s all about balance… But finding happiness is feeling contempt with the little that you may have or may not and finding pleasure in everything you love to do.

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